An update on the recent activity of the Gamblers Consumer Forum

What are Harms markers and are they working?

The GCF has taken a brief pause in recent weeks as we awaited the results of the recent election.

With the change of Government, we will be redoubling our efforts for a sensible, workable and effective solution to identifying gambling harms and the promotion of treatment for those suffering addiction. We will also continue to hold the Gambling Commission to account for their actions, which have now gained significant attention.

In recent weeks the GCF have been speaking to tech companies working on AI solutions to identify those at risk of addiction via harm markers. This would be an effective solution to the crude implementation of affordability limits and thresholds. With a new government who are looking to promote economic growth, we will be looking to them to look at these solutions to reverse the decline in racing turnover and bring business back from the black market.

The GCF have also being working on exposing the goings on within the Gambling Commission. A recent FOI placed by the GCF has exposed that the GC is working hand in glove with anti gambling academics and requesting that the rebut articles questioning the narrative, demonstrating a total lack of impartiality. Added to this is the suppression of the 2021 call for evidence which clearly showed 80% of respondents being against affordability checks. The GCF are digging deeper into this and writing to the new Government about the actions of the GC in this matter.

The GCF will continue to stand up for the rights of gamblers. We can only do this with your support so please do consider making a donation today.


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