Call For Evidence of Affordability Requests

The Gamblers Consumer Forum call for evidence on consumer experiences with affordability checks.

The Government have made it very clear that affordability checks must be frictionless if they are to implemented by the Gambling Commission. The Gamblers Consumer Forum recently met with a senior official at DCMS who confirmed this, and spoke as though affordability checks aren’t already taking place. We know frictionless checks are an impossible goal, and we know there is evidence to confirm this. 

The Gamblers Consumer Forum would therefore like to hear what experiences you are currently having with bookmakers requesting data and information regarding your ability to fund your betting and the limits being imposed. We’d therefore be very grateful if you could outline them below, attaching an emails/screenshots etc. 

To assist us, could you please follow the guidance below:
– explain in no more than two paragraphs
– please submit screenshots of supporting evidence such as emails from the company
– include any outcome from IBAS or complaints